Nutrition is the most natural way to rediscover good health by following a bespoke process created especially for you.

  • It combines a scientific knowledge of nutrition with the pleasure of food and takes into account your specific requirements, lifestyle and tastes.
  • It will help you slim down and rediscover fitness by changing your eating habits without transforming them radically

A good nutritional balance enables you to get optimal results after any cosmetic treatment.

Francine JoyceFrancine Joyce, Nutrionist

Francine JOYCE is a French nutritionist on the French Embassy’s Register in London ; registration N° ADELI 389501800. She is bilingual French / English.

Her experience:

  • Vice-President of Societe Clinique Française
  • Medical Chambers Kensington, London (nutrition and dietetic consultations)
  • Maison Médicale, London (cosmetic treatments and lymphatic drainages)
  • Clinique Mutualiste, Grenoble
  • Cromwell Hospital, London
  • Dispensaire Français, Hammersmith, London
  • Clinique du Léman, Thonon les Bains, France
  • Centre Médical d’Etudes Spatiales in Kourou, French Guyana
  • Prader Willi Association, United-Kingdom
  • Danone, United Kingdom. Department of Research and Development
  • Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, London. Nutrition of children and teenagers
  • Cheyne Family Centre. Nutrition of pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, babies and toddlers
  • Fédération Nationale de Karate

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