On the Impact of Overweight in Orthopeadic Conditions

A healthy BMI is good for your heart, your figure and your self-esteem. Overweight affects almost every organ in the body ; yet its role in orthopeadic conditions is less publicized.

The point of view of an orthopeadic surgeon, Professor Nicola Maffuli who specializes in injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system :

“I am an orthopaedic surgeon: I love taking care of musculoskeletal problems, and making my patients better. At times, I need to operate to achieve this aim. Most of my patients take care of themselves, and want to get better. Every so often, though, my heart takes a plunge: it is now a scientific fact that being overweight induces a whole lot of problems even in the musculoskeletal system. Thinking about it, it is logical: it is as if we were to impose a load of 700 kg on a perfect car (our body) when the car is built to carry only, say, 500 kg. 
Also, obesity messes up with a lot of the metabolic pathways of our body. For example, it induces a status of low level, undetectable inflammation. This means that, if I need to operate, the patient is at greater risk of developing complications such as delayed recovery, infection, clots in their legs and so on. So, no matter what, when I am faced with such patients the message I convey is simple and stern: ‘Reach out to a professional, and lose weight’. I can help them, but only to a point!”

Professor Maffulli, Professor of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Consultant Trauma and Orthopeadic surgeon

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