Lymphatic Drainages

Lymphatic drainage is a natural function of the body which plays an important part in immunity. If the system is not working properly a build-up of fluids may appear within the tissues. This may lead to the compression of blood and lymphatic vessels which can be painful, even at night. Unlike blood circulation which has a pump (the heart), the lymphatic system cannot move fluids on its own ; it relies on the movements of the muscles. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) consists in massages that help the system work properly, encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph. It is often classified as a slimming therapy as it fights water retention, swollen « heavy » legs and cellulite.

LDT is a more powerful technique than a manual massage as it stimulates blood circulation deep within the tissues.

Although it does not lead to direct weight loss, this treatment contributes to reshaping the body, reducing oedemas, swelling and the feeling of tiredness. It improves the orange peel aspect of the skin, retones the legs and reduces the risks of varicose veins.

DrainageLymphatic drainages operate deep but gentle pneumatic massages that improve the flow of fluids and therefore help toxins and metabolic waste be flushed away naturally. The well-being feeling is immediate. After several sessions, the orange peel aspect of the skin becomes smoother.

How it works

LDT is a controlled compression system that uses inflatable boots with chambers that fill up with air one after the other from the ankles moving up to the upper thighs. They then deflate at regular intervals for 30 minutes. The treatment is completely painless. It usually induces a light sweating due to toxin elimination through the skin. A session lasts half an hour and will make you feel relaxed and “light” immediately.


How many sessions are necessary to get results ?

The heavy legs feeling disappears immediately after the first session because blood circulation is boosted and the oedema reduced. Several sessions over several weeks are necessary to see visible effects on cellulite and to reshape the legs.

What are the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ?

  • LDT efficiently improves blood circulation
  • lymphe flow is multiplied by 3
  • oedema is reduced
  • the risk of varicose veins is reduced
  • oxygen flow is improved through the whole body
  • toxins and metabolic waste are flushed away naturally
  • skin tone is enhanced
  • immunity is boosted
  • Feeling of well-being and lightness immediately after the first session
  • Leg fatigue is alleviated
  • In the long term, legs are redefined and slimmer

Are there contra-indications ?

There are very few contra-indications to lymphatic drainages :  thrombosis, serious vein or arterial  diseases, local infections, heart failure, severe renal pathologies, untreated hypertension, abscesses,  tumours.


Reducing oedema and swelling in the lower limbs is an essential part of the treatment of veinous pathologies to minimise the risks of complications and improve the quality of results in the long term.

Dr BARBASTE – Maison Médicale


Echo JL Robert
Dr. Jean-Luc ROBERT

My patients often complain of pain and cramps in the lower limbs as well has oedema in the legs and ankles. In all those cases, medications can help but lymphatic drainage therapy once or twice a week often achieves bettes and faster results, especially when associated with the use of compression stockings

Dr. Jean-Luc ROBERT – Maison Médicale

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